Wednesday January 17

Welcome Reception & Dinner

Title: Global Pyrocarbon Shoulder Experience: Australia, Europe, North America

Guest Speakers: Armodios Hatzidakis, MD – Andrew McBride, MD, MBBS, FRACS – Lionel Neyton, MD

Time: 6- 9 PM

Room: Golden Cliff and Eagle’s Nest

Description: Advanced bearing shoulder arthroplasty is here! Join us and our esteemed faculty from around the world
as they share the latest clinical data, surgical experience and best practices with Tornier Pyrocarbon Humeral Head.

Thursday January 18

Workshop & Lunch

Title: Maximizing Gleno-Humeral Technologies to Achieve the Best Patient Outcomes

Guest Speakers: Thomas Duquin, MD – John Sperling, MD, MBA – William Levine, MD

Time: 1 -3 PM

Room: Wasatch A

Description: In this interactive session, Dr. Thomas Duquin and Dr. John Sperling will discuss the updated
Signature™ 2.0 for Case Planning, the Nano Stemless Shoulder, Alliance™ Glenoids and Comprehensive®
Baseplate Augmentation for resolving various glenoid defects.

Friday January 19

Workshop & Lunch

Title: Realizing speed and efficiency with the INHANCE™ Reverse Shoulder System & KICKSTAND™ Augments

Guest Speakers: Derek Cuff, MD & Andrew Jawa, MD

Time: 1-3 PM

Room: Wasatch B